Autumn 2017

“Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone?”

The photos on these pages are of work done at 3 different properties. Barn-work, some flower beds and the little bench garden were located at, let’s refer to it as “5225”. The vegetable garden and such were at 5199. The lawn-mowing was primarily at 172. I mention this for reference, but the photos speak for themselves as far as labour is concerned.

In August 2016, I left residence at 5225 and relocated to 5199. I’d worked at 5199 prior and so, for me, the experience was merely a continuation, with the addition of the property at 172.

In October 2017, I had an opportunity to re-visit my work places to see what they’d become in my absence and today I’ve posted a few photos of what I found.

The benches in front of 5199 are now less protected by the old maples above but the trees have changed from their deep green foliage to brilliant red.

The organic vegetable garden? Well, this year the owner decided to recruit a “friend of a friend” to plant and maintain. The yield was all but nil, grasses had over-taken the vegetable crops… the October site was, well, depressed and depressing.

And the little reclaimed “Herb Garden” at 5225? The flowers replaced by weeds, the ferns were nothing but brown clumps of dead foliage and the little walk-way covered in over-grown grass.

Well… one can only do what one can. Best efforts were made (and were obvious in the older photos) to provide places of respite and enjoyment, and, in the case of the vegetable garden, to provide food to nourish through the Winter months. The work that was done was a success. As with most ventures in life, there comes a time when we simply must relinquish our selves, take comfort in knowing that our “best” efforts were given and simply leave what is not “ours” to those to whom properties are owned. I take great comfort in knowing that photos were taken during work and after, and that I can, today, look back on them and re-live the happier times of good, solid, hard toil and the resulting enjoyment that followed… for as long as it lasted.

I remember the words of my dear Mother, now of most precious memory when, in my child-hood she assured me:
“At the end of a day, when you put your head down to sleep, as long as you can say, in all sincere honesty, that you’d done the best you could with what you had, then close your eyes and sleep peacefully because nobody can ask for or expect anything better than your ‘best’.”

I sleep quite well…

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One-man band providing more home maintenance and property management services than most people imagine. This is my "portfolio" of sorts.
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2 Responses to Autumn 2017

  1. Beautifully Expressed

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    • adkchamplain says:

      Thank you. Most are labours of love and all have taught me to appreciate my efforts first, knowing that I always invest my best in all that I’ve done and do and in the end, THAT is the point that truly matters. Thank you sincerely, for taking the time to browse and to comment. It means the world to me.


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