The Snows of Winter 2017 Approach

It’s been a good 6 years, where hard work are concerned. The results have been rewarding, the efforts have been fulfilling, and now, taking the time to look back, I’m glad I managed to get some photos taken and have been able to post them not only for others but as a reminder to my self: there truly is precious little limit to what can be accomplished when the mind is set on it.

It’s mid-November 2017 already. I find it difficult to believe. Seems it wasn’t all that long ago when the works at 5225 began and 5199 was added and 172 came along. It’s been 4 years here. Just amazing. It feels like about 4 weeks. There’s a lot of truth in the belief that “good work passes the time”, and even more truth in the belief that the results are their own greatest rewards.

I’ve had the opportunity to re-visit the places where I’d worked, the gardens maintained, the lands reclaimed, and the dedicated efforts invested. For the past several months, these places, 172, 5199, 5225 have been the responsibility of their perspectives owners. There’s a bit of other work that’s being done by me, but for the most part, well, the properties had reached the point where the owners re-took them and my own efforts had come to a most agreeable finish.

172 is now under new owner-ship. I’d kept the grounds clean and tidy whilst it was on the market. In October, two young fellows bought the place. Their neighbours (one of whom thanked me regularly for keeping the place presentable) will see how things go from now on. Presently the Winter is coming on and so there’s no need for mowing, trimming and the likes and one would believe the new owners will attend snow and ice removal. But come Spring 2018? Only “Time” will tell for certain.

5199 came to a partial end in late Summer (August, as a matter of fact) with some rather rude and un-necessary events that bordered on the “violent”. The home-owner’s tenants have become rather threatening and accusatory where grounds-keeping routines are concerned. In order to avoid personal harm, the matter was discussed with the home-owner (and local law enforcement and other agencies) and it was decided that someone else, someone “local” would be employed to maintain the grounds. (As can be seen in the “Lawn Care” section, that never materialised. But… one can only do so much. As the adage states: “Givers have to draw a line because Takers seldom do.” However, there’s still some wood hauling and stacking to be done around the place and in spite of some 4 cords having been simply dumped at the door and yard, and the general expectation that it would be stacked with-out a word, indeed, it has been stacked and, with the on-set of cooler days and chillier nights, hauled into the house and stoked in the wood-stove. Winter is here and cozy is the fire.

5225 too, has been sold to new folks. I’d stopped working there in August 2016 and had the chance to drop by the back yard at the beginning of November this year. The front of the house? Well… the vinca I’d planted was ignored to the point of “too much” and it’s still doing its best to establish itself amongst many weeds. The previous owners decided to un-do the flower-beds along the front walk and so, they’ve all but returned to their “wilderness” state. The little “herb garden” with the bench in the back yard has obviously been ignored since my departure and when I visited, it looked heart-breakingly sad. It’ll be a bit interesting to see what the new family will do with the place.

But all this is well and fine and recorded. After a bit of trying, I’ve removed myself from the equations of these places and moved along. We can do our best and in these cases, when the time comes to walk away, we simply must do so. And so I have done… to move away from these and on to the next. (I’m advertising my availability… “BTW”.)

So with the arrival of the first light snows, the world comes to rest and so too, many of us who toil in the great out-of-doors. Well, at least to the extent possible.

Meanwhile, many thanks to those of you who come by to browse. If anything comes along, I’ll be sure to post photos and a comment. But for now, I’ll just wish everybody “Happy Holiday Preparations”! ENJOY!

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One-man band providing more home maintenance and property management services than most people imagine. This is my "portfolio" of sorts.
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