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“Zero-Dollar” projects using materials discovered along the way, in other projects that are presented on other pages here.


Locals, tourists, bicyclists and pedestrians took shelter from the Summer sun, to sit, relax or enjoy a leisurely lunch on the old benches. But as time passed, so too did the bit of lawn around them. So, the idea came and the decision was made: The grass (that remained) was cut up (and used to fill in bare and sparse spots else-where as sod) and about 3700lbs (1678kg) of gravel was brought in by the bucket, from another property around the corner. The result? Here in photos. And the sitters have complimented the “new look”.

The fence was tilting, leaning, swerving, swaying. The old steel posts were bent and twisted. But the old wooden fence-posts were in the barn and discovered during its reclamation. So… one day… A sledge hammer and raw determination and… as was said: “It looks neater, rustic and more inviting. Looks more like New England than those metal posts.”

Halloween Decorations
Some old burlap sacks, baling twine, garden stakes and a bit of wire… all found in the old barn. Add a bit of imagination, time in the Autumn air and for free, the town’s folk were impressed and duly entertained for this holiday.

Garden signs from old siding shingles. “For Sale” signs from old political yard signs. “Please don’t litter” from scrap wood. More “Zero-Budget” creations (even the paints were on-hand from previous projects and discovered in reclamation and renovations).

Solar Lighting
The only money invested here was the initial purchase of the one-dollar solar lights. The poles were made from old garden stakes and the canning jars were excess from previous years of canning (vegetables from the organic vegetable garden highlighted else-where here).

Photo Portfolio