Barn-work – Decorations – Fire Pellets, Pits & Stoves – Gardens – House-work – Lawns – Renovations, Restorations, Repairs & Re-Purpose – Tree-Trimming
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Disused and abandoned dairy barn. Clean-up, clean-out and install a window. A trash-catch to a work-shop and a nice place to just sit and contemplate.

Benches, fence-posts, Halloween decorations from “barn scraps”, sign-painting (old shingles, political signs and scrap wood) and solar lighting along the back walk.

Stacking (properly), pellets and fire-wood (and bringing them from stack to kitchen), fire-pit (building )from an old tractor wheel, and wood-stove maintenance.

Beds of lilies, hollyhocks and peonies ignored and restored. Beds of zinnias, cosmos, marigolds and more, created from previously ignored and wasted space. And another property “make-over” including the replacement of a narrow strip of “front lawn” with ever-green vinca(myrtle) that was found growing “wild” in a wood-land.
GARDENS (FOOD) Portfolio:
Organic vegetable and berry gardening including corn, squashes, root vegetables, beans and such. And the green-house preparation work prior to the planting.
Turning a wood-stove ash dump into a colourful flower-bed of zinnias, cosmos, marigolds and petunias. Then clearing-out and cleaning-up what was once a small “hen yard” behind the old barn. But a truly most rewarding reclamation: A small herb garden, lost in a jungle of multi-metre high weeds, brought back from herb, to vegetable to flower garden with a bench to sit and enjoy.

The kitchen, where the wood-stove is located, needs, at the very least, a thorough washing, generally once a year at least. Large,
long ladders, buckets and time. Luckily, it’s only once a year. As for the rest of the year, a few photos of a common weekly routine clean-up of dishes, sink and floors.

Mowing, seeding and sodding. Mowing 3 acres (1,2 hectares) * With reel (motorless) mower until the gas-powered came along about a year later. Cultivating, seeding and sodding to create a lawn that wouldn’t grow. And at last, mowing 1,5 acres (0,6 hectare) on… a ride-on! The “sod” here, as else-where, was cut from areas that were turned to flower-beds or that simply needed trimming. Square foot sections ere cut from the lawn, hauled, placed and tamped, watered and after a bit of passing time, became… lawn. Often, sod replaced bare patches (as at “172” and “5199”).

Disused and ignored for many years, washed and painted, old rooms given new light and life, ceiling to floor and wall to wall.
Old chairs found during barn reclamation, rustically restored.
20-year old garden gate, repaired.
Converting the frame-work of an old & discarded living-room love seat to a garden bench with the additions of pallet slats and an old wooden door.

Maples, pines, lilacs… Felled limbs, annoying limbs, dead limbs. Trimmed and pruned with hand-tools only, most of which provide warmth as fire-wood for the wood-stove. Waste nothing!