House-work In General

House-Work Portfolio
As a live-in/on-premises Grounds and House-keeper, in addition to the out-door property maintenance, there is the weekly interior house-keeping chores to be kept-up as well. From dusting furnishings to vacuuming (“Hoovering”) the carpeting, washing and/or mopping the hard-wood and lino floors… often dishes and laundry as well. And with a grand old dog and a cat with full run of the place, “Country living” with all of the property maintenance tends to bring the great out-doors… in-doors and isn’t it convenient when there’s somebody else to do the clean-up?

It’s a challenge, to be sure, but proper time-management allows for all to be done (and done well, of course).

The following portfolio page contains a few photos of what gets done weekly as well as photos of one complete ceiling-to-floor kitchen wash. (Wood-stoves are wonderful sources of comfort, but they leave their tell-tale traces of soot on ceilings and walls.)

House-Work Portfolio