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Paying attention to one yard, managing the lawn so it doesn’t require a “DR” regularly, keeps time moving and the results are always satisfying. And it began with one yard of 3 acres (1,2 hectares) that was, believe it or not, maintained with a motorless reel mower for a while. In the months that followed, there was the addition of a 1 acre (0,40 hectare) and a 1,5 acre (0,60 hectare) yard too. Thankfully, a ride-on mower became available and the time passed wonderfully. Little beats a day spent under skies of blue and bright sun-shine. (Admittedly, I have my music and ear-buds to help pass the time so it’s more pleasure than toil, to be sure. It’s all a matter of “perception”, and to quote an old adage: “Today is what-ever I want it to be.” Give it a little thought. There’s more truth to that than might meet the eye… or ear.)

At 5199, there was an old pine tree in the front yard and around it, many old maples. The soil was such that grass wouldn’t grow under the pine and the rest of the yard was so shaded that little grass grew, save where the sun would dapple through the leaves. Well, with the creation of new flower-beds on the premises, grass had to be removed in many instances and, well… another old adage “Waste not, want not.” grass from the flower-beds was “cut” in squares and moved, as “sod” to the front. There, with a bit of Ph adjustments and some tender care and attention, for the first time in many years… there is, today, “lawn”. Yes, it was tedious. The sod was moved by hand-cart and the weight of each cart was approximately 1400lbs (635kg) and there were 5 carts in total. But again, the results were (are) absolutely well worth the effort. (Yes, it’s a bit more to mow but that too is part of the over-all satisfaction and gratification.)

When you’ve done a job well, precious little else makes a soul proud.

Posted in sections as follows:
172 – 1,5 acres (0,60 hectare)
5199 – 1 acre (0,40 hectare)
5225 – 3 acres (1,2 hectares)

Lawns Portfolio