Organic Gardens & Flower-beds

Flowers, Organic Vegetables, Old Garden Reclamation
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*-* FLOWERS: *-*
Three portfolios of the restoration and maintenance of a row of various kinds of lilies, a few individual flower-beds around two different properties and a row of colours in a side-walk flower-bed, all previously neglected, over-grown and vanished, given time and care and re-newed energy.
*Lilies Portfolio
“There’s nothing even like this any-where around here!”
It took some doing, sorting the grasses from the lilies, weeding, thinning & transplanting, but not only was the bed restored, it was extended by about 4 yards (3,6 meters).

*Yard-beds 5199 Portfolio
The hollyhocks had been mowed-down repeatedly over the years & they were brought back to life. The peonies had all but disappeared after being neglected for a while, but a little weeding, thinning and mulching and they returned to their welcoming exhibit along the drive. And the little flower-bed in the back yard had been just a stray clump of over-grown raspberries and not much more until cultivated, seeded and nurtured.

*Yard-beds 5225 Portfolio
Once the delight of the home-owner who’d grown old and passed, the flower-beds around the property had fallen into neglect. But time and care, and some transplants of wild flowers from the meadow in the back of the house brought bursts of colour & new life back.
“The town thanks you, you know. This is one of the first houses people see when they drive in and you’ve made it welcoming.”


There’s more to truly “Organic” vegetables than many are aware of. First, the seeds are “Non-GMO”. Second, the fertiliser is natural, non-chemical, mostly local manure and composted vegetable matter. But the most labour-intensive aspect: No chemical weed-killers. From sun-rise to sun-set, 5-6 days each and every week during the growing season, regular weeding is required… sitting or bending to pluck each weed and then disposing of them (most for future compost). The results? Pure, clean vegetables. Our little half-acre (0,20 hectare) garden provided not only for the owner but for many in and around the town. Well worth the effort when we sat down to dinners.
*Organic Vegetables and Berries Portfolio
*Green-house Preparation Portfolio


This old small, but beautiful herb garden had been abandoned for so long that other than the presence of over-growth, there was no indication of its existence at all. But when I learned that it was “in there some-where”, weeds got pulled, the soil got cultivated and after a while, the brick border was re-built, flowers and a bench were added and it became a bucolic place to sit on Summer days and, near to the fire-pit, on Summer nights as well. And then… For some years, the ash from the kitchen wood-stove had simply been tossed along-side the drive and piled up, choking all possible growth of anything at all. A bit of cultivation and the addition of some fertiliser, assorted seeds and plants and the old grey heap burst into welcoming colour as visitors and home-owner arrived at the house. Meanwhile, there was talk of getting a few chickens to replace those that had once roamed the grounds in years gone by. The old “hen-yard” had become over-grown to the point of disappearing from view but… more time and energy, determination and tenacity and that got cleared and cleaned and ready for re-use. (The chickens never came though… change of mind and heart.) And up the road, mowing the small strip of lawn in front of 5225 became a bit of a nuisance. The discovery of some vinca (myrtle) growing in the wet-lands in the back yard solved the problem. The grass was covered, vinca was strategically planted and wood chips covered the area. Result? And ever-green bed that needed no maintenance… ever.
*Reclaimed & Re-purposed Herb Garden Portfolio
*Ash-Dump Reclamation & Ground-cover Planting Portfolio: