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Vegetable Garden & Berry Rows (66)

For two and a half seasons, the solo work on the vegetable garden consisted of 6 days per week, mostly during the hours of sun-rise to sun-set. Indeed, even at the small size, it was a full-time occupation but the yield was so well worth the effort. Many received wholesome nourishment (all of which was given away free and freely). By harvest 2016 I’d grown weary of toiling here, only to find that at the end, others had benefitted handsomely and I, well, a perfect summary of the results was when I went to the garden for some ears of corn to provide a good dinner to a neighbour to find that all but 6 poor ears were left after others had previously pillaged. I advised the owner, who had wanted the garden but not the investment of time and effort, that I would step aside and no longer maintain the crops and so, Spring 2017 brought a new “volunteer”. The results? Well, photographs speak well-enough for themselves… particularly the last here, taken on 14 November 2017. The “Golden Days” of the garden are obviously gone. But pride and joy are taken knowing that, for some time, the land produced and many were nourished. Bygone days…
The Raspberry Rows