ADK Champlain (Adirondack Mountains/Lake Champlain NY)

Welcome to the newest addition of ADK Champlain: the work-shop… or
“l’Atelier” as we call it.

As we work at different projects, we uncover some rather unique items; old, new, slightly used and what’s lately called “vintage”. Some are common, some are strange, some hearken back to yester-year while others are simply yester-day. But all are in re-useable or re-purposeable condition. (“re-purposeable”? Yeah, OK, yes.)

Clothing, sporting goods, house-wares, decorations, and other items that could cost a small fortune at so-called “Antique” shops but, because we’re not housed in some old-country mansion, we’re selling them off at truly considerably lower prices. And, if you think about it, even with the shipping, you get to save even more because you don’t have to leave home, don’t have to drive around for hours, don’t have to risk getting lost or misdirected, and you don’t have to fill the gas tank! You can save all of the sight-seeing for more pleasant and enjoyable moments. Your order gets delivered right to your door (or P.O. box if that’s more convenient)*.

This new adventure is “in the works”, as it were, but there’s no doubt it’ll expand as time goes along and more work gets done in more places. But right now, there are items to be browsed and considered and you’re invited to have a look and grab what are truly “one of a kind” finds. (“One of a kind” because everything, even the clothing, is unique in one way or another, and the prices are pretty fair, especially if you consider all the points mentioned in the previous paragraph.)

Buying here is as safe as buying anywhere else on-line and maybe even safer than some places because our current “Third Party” buying process is covered for your safety and benefit. We’re covered by a strict code of ethical selling, shipping is via the U.S. Postal Service so your purchase is insured and tracking is included, and if, for any reason, you want to return something for a refund, that too is covered (unless the item description specifically states that the item is non-returnable, which isn’t the case very often).

The process is quick and easy and geared for your protection and satisfaction:
1. Click to the “catalgoue” page.
2. Browse through the items offered (that are currently in stock and ready to be shipped).
3. Send us word (on the “Contact” page with form) that you want the item.
4. You’ll receive a direct e-mail, usually with-in a few hours, with a payment link.
5. Complete your order on the linked-to page. (They’re the people who keep this all honest.)
6. THE VERY SAME DAY day we receive your payment, your item ships (no waiting “business days”).
7. As soon as your item leaves here, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail with your tracking number.

(* Special Note: Most items will ship U.S. Postal Service Priority, so yes, we CAN ship to P.O. boxes! And if you want something quicker, let us know. For an extra fee, we’ll expedite the shipping when and where possible.
* 50$US insurance is included as a base with all shipping. If you’d like more, please let us know before ordering and we’ll add it for the cost only.)

Oh… The cost of shipping is included in the price you see here! No “added costs” or “plus shipping and handling”. The price you see is the price you pay; no guessing involved. Period.

If you have any questions about any of this, questions are welcome and replies are given as we would want our questions to be answered: politely, compassionately, humanly and with respect. There’s no “scripted” responses so your question gets a human reply. Feel free to ask.

So welcome to ADK Champlain! And thank you for coming by! Check back as often as you want. And if there’s something you’d like us to keep an eye open for, drop a line and let us know. Things change around here and something you’re interested in just might be found! If so, we’ll hold it for you and let you know.

Browse the current *CATALOGUE* page: and always remember that ALL questions and inquiries are welcome and will be addressed and replied to as quickly as is humanly possible.
Thanks very much for visiting.

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